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Stodmarsh Nature Reserve

Stodmarsh Nature Reserve

We spent a day taking in some nature in the glorious spring sunshine at Stodmarsh nature reserve.

(pictures taken from google of nature in Stodmarsh)

Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve (NNR), near Canterbury, is a unique area of wetland with marshes, reedbeds, lakes and woodland that is home to a rich variety of wildlife especially water birds.

The reserve has the largest reed bed in the south east of England, which supports a range of specialised birds and insects. The reed beds are an excellent sanctuary for migrating birds such as swallows and house martins in the summer and starlings in the winter. Bittern, marsh harrier, kingfisher, great crested grebe, coot, moorhen, reed bunting, bearded reedling can all be seen. It also supports a large variety of invertebrates (including dragonflies and moths) and rare plants. It also has a strong population of water voles.

Stodmarsh has over 6 kilometres of footpaths, including a circular walk around the whole site. There are short and long easy access ‘sensory’ trails at the Stodmarsh end of the reserve, both with wheelchair access.

The way the reserve is designed makes it very easy to walk around the ‘trails’. You can walk as short or as long a distance as you like. There are maps available in the car park and clearly marked signs point you in the direction of the ‘hides’. Great for spending the day peacefully gazing out onto the waters, trying to spot rare birds. Bring a pair of binoculars and a packed lunch to get the whole experience. Remember to be quiet and polite when you come across other nature lovers. Some take it very seriously and you don’t want to be noisy and scare away any animals. Remember not to leave any litter behind either, it would be terrible to spoil such a beautiful place and risk harming the wildlife!

To top it off there are a lovely couple of pubs at either ends of the reserve. The Red Lion and The Grove Ferry. Both great for food and drinks and a well deserved rest after a long walk!


Find out more about Kent’s nature reserves here kents-national-nature-reserves

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